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Good Luck And Bad Luck: Superstitions Across Casinos

Playing In Online Casinos

Most players of online betting believe in luck or karma. Online betting is all about luck and a few skills. With no real strategy to guarantee one a sure win, some players turn to unorthodox methods. Most people who believe in karma are also superstitious about a lot of things. Sometimes they do not even realize they give in to it. After all, superstitions are inherent to human culture from way, way back. It has been in practice by our ancestors for more than decades. A popular notion is that you should knock on wood to avoid bad luck. But what are the superstitions that surround online casinos? There are quite a lot from the funny and bizarre to the baffling, mysterious ones.

Never count your money at the table

Counting your money while playing casino games is one of the biggest superstitions. The popularity of this superstition is so great. It even made it into a popular country song. A lot of players believe they should avoid it. They say it brings bad luck, and this behavior is typical. Others who are not superstitious think it is rude and unprofessional to count your money. So, please do not do it. Whatever your reason is or what your beliefs are.

Lucky and unlucky numbers

Many consider seven as a lucky number and thirteen as the unlucky number. People say seven is a number that symbolizes prosperity. It has a very special connotation when it comes to online betting. Online slots even offer a huge jackpot prize when your slot results to a triple seven. Almost everyone associates the number thirteen with bad luck. Players are careful when it comes to this number. But, some players want to tempt fate and deem thirteen as their lucky number.

To look or not to look

Another common belief among bettors is to look away or leave the table while betting. They say it helps to hit a big win or brings good luck. There is also the coin-flipping. Players think that looking away for any moment will affect the results. They also believe that it will bring them bad luck.

Lucky red

This popular superstition originated in Asia. Chinese people consider red as the color of prosperity or good luck. Some bettors wear a piece of red clothing when playing to increase their chances of winning.

Playing In Online Casinos

Never use the front entrance

Some players believe that it is not a great idea to enter the casino using the front entrance. They say bad luck of players who are leaving may rub off on you.

The crossing of your legs

Crossing your fingers is a universal gesture known around the globe. People use this to express hope and wishes for good luck. Crossing your legs while making a bet is another matter. People believe that you are crossing out your good luck when you do this unimportant action. Some people think that it only has something to do with keeping a good posture.

An itchy hand

People from several regions have different beliefs on an itchy hand. The Bulgarian people believe that it is bad luck if your right palm itches. Playing with an itchy right palm will not give you any winnings. Serbian people believe that an itchy left hand is a sign of good luck. You could have a significant amount of money if you play with an itchy left hand.

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How to enhance your luck

It is common to see players performing a lucky ritual before or during a game.

Lucky charms

There are so many variations of lucky charms. Some of the most popular ones include a horseshoe, a four-leaved clover, and a rabbit foot. Some players keep it in their pocket or wallet. A lot wear them on their neck or rub them during a game.


Most players are not content with a lucky charm and their lucky red clothes. They also perform some gesture or ritual before the game starts. Popular rituals include crossing fingers, knocking on wood, and blowing on dice. Some even call a card or number in a verbal way or stack chips in a certain way. A few also consider kissing a companion as a ritual to bring in good luck.

A lucky partner

Some players do not depend on inanimate objects as their lucky charm. They bring along a lucky companion to help them win at betting. The famous James Bond had his girls to cheer him on or blow on the dice. Make sure you bring a lucky companion who is loyal. Or else, he or she will walk away with your winnings.

Betting superstitions are as widespread as they are in all other aspects of life. These superstitions vary from culture to culture. Some can even be personal and private. Lucky charms of one group of people may be bad omens to another group of people. Everyone must respect each other’s beliefs and quirks. Common sense and logic may be prevalent to some. Others ascribe immense significance to things that may seem to others as ridiculous. Online betting usually celebrates diversity to offer players a better experience.

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