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What are “casino bonuses” and what types exist?

When we hear the two magic words “casinobonuses” we sharpen our ears by putting ourselves on alert because it sounds like extra free money to carry out our bets, doesn’t it?But do you know what “casino bonuses” are and how many types exist? Keep reading, then we will explain all the nuances about casino bonus and how you can use them for your own benefit. Go to ufabet for online games.

What are casino bonuses?

The casino bonuses are a sweet promiseiIn the form of hard cash that can translate into many valuable euros even they can reach 2,000 € to play for free. Visit this site to know about slot online.

What types of casino bonuses exist?

Although they are two very common words, you should know that not all casino bonuses are the same or offer the same benefits.

On the basis that they are incentives offered by most online casinos, they can usually be found in the most diverse stages of a game.

Let’s see, below, the most popular online casino bonuses:

By registration

The most common are the bonuses that the casino gives just for registering. They usually appear as an additional stimulus to encourage you to decide to open an account on the online casino. Normally, they usually require a previous deposit although there are also those that can be obtained without making any deposit.

For the first deposit

This is one of the most popular and usual incentives that can be found. You get them after your first deposit and they are usually a percentage of the cash you invest.

In some casinos there are bonuses for the first three or four deposits. They are usually juicy welcome bonuses that can even double the money you deposit.

Mobile only

Knowing that, in the current times, almost everyone uses mobile devices, online casinos have been providing games in mobile platform so that it is possible to play from anywhere you are.

Free Spins

This type of run is a classic of any online casino. Sometimes they are associated with the registration of a new account and in others, they can be received when you make the first deposit of money.

It is an incentive that changes radically depending on the casino and the game in question. They can consist of a few free spins up to hundreds of them.

Some very popular casinos offer these free spins after every new deposit made. Also when a player reaches a certain level of points or winnings in a loyalty program created by the same casino.

There are even casinos that offer free spins for new players who wish to try their platform. In this way they try to conquer the new players.

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